Three words that describe Sofie Sandell

How some people who have heard me speak describe me Wordl 2 Sofie Sandell speaking


Energy, fun and creative.
Marie Dennegård, Volvo

Available, personal, open.
Elisabeth Bergagård, AB Volvo

Happy, personal, plain language.
Charlotte Eklind Mossberg, Volvo Group Real Estate

Spontaneous, energetic, devoted.
Jessica Lindholm, Volvo Trucks

Open, easy going, positive.
Gabriella Lamm, Volvo Bus

Open minded, knowledgeable, interesting.
Åsa Brännman, Volvo IT

Engaged, friendly, interesting.
Helena Didoff, Volvo Group IT

Energetic, happy, inspiring.
Christin Nilsson, Volvo AB

Easy going, passionate about what she do, likeable.
Jenny Lund, Volvo Penta

Fun, energetic, thought provoking and inclusive.
Louise Chisholm

Digital. Smiley. Good speaker.
Marine Klein

Dynamic.Passionate. Straightforward.
Marco Van Den Heuvel

A good listener. Inclusive. Thought provoking.
Chelena Peart

Committed. Reflective. Brave.
Pål Erik Waagbo

Friendly. Devoted. Cool.
Nikola Cvetkovic

Friendly. Inspirational.
Anca Miraut

Friendly, approachable, enthusiastic.
Daniel Spencer

Likeable, knowledgeable, authentic.
Paul Walsh

Straight, helpful, creative.
Tim Quonoy

Personable, enthusiastic, informative.
Belinda Harman

Free flowing style!
Manish Kataria

Open, thought provoking, confident.
Michela Pasucci

Great style and approach.
Sammuel Kitone

Intelligent, social, happy.
Margaret Vitke

Challenging, easy going, approachable.
Chinwe Inyamah

Nice, kind, knowledgeable.
Egle V-aite

Interactive, engaging, reflective & current.
Jay Ranson

Sensible, good communication, inspiring.
Olivia Peroval

Passionate, committed, leader.
Paul Cosens

Personable, knowledgeable, thoughtful.
David Khanna

Inspiring, knowledgeable, professional.
Bandhu Das

Witty, funny and honest.

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Victoria Odey

Warm, honest, ambitious.
Ben Goddard

Interesting, inspiring, engaging.
James Lambeth

Personable, relaxed, friendly.
Ben Hawley

Very energetic and personable.

Knowledgeable, professional. emotional.
Michaela Schaller

Confident, inspiring, informative.
Georgina Freeman

Persistent. On purpose. Dynamic.
Muriel Kakoni

Funny. Presentable. Well-spoken.
Ann-Marie Litchmore

Fun. Down to earth. Knowledgeable.
Jacalyn Belgrave

Simple and pleasant to listen to.
Genny Vanga

Simple! Unique! Motivating!
Joan Sanyaolu

Passionate, friendly and genuine.
Maureen Campbell

Humble. Focused. Determinate.
Paschal Ekeigwe

Warm. Fabulous. Savvy.
Lanre Atijosan

Fun. Girly. Expert!
Selina Charmaine Dyer

Eloquent, passionate and resilient.
Florence Akpokodje

Likeable, funny and knowledgeable.
Charmaine Fearon

Funny, polite, honest and experienced.
Julie Ayebale

Real. Funny. Encouraging.
Adenike Adeniji

Simple, honest, informative.
Hannah Mensah

On point. A good speaker. Approachable.
Kemi Osinloye

Relevant, easy to understand, witty, approachable, real and warm.
Folasade Bakare

Cool, calm and clear.
Jang-Jang bureh

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