Q&A: Is it ok to announce that a friend has died using social media?

Question: I see that many people are sharing that someone close to them has passed away using Facebook. A bit insensitive I think, but maybe that’s how you do it when we are connected online? What’s right and is there any guidelines?

Answer: Yes, it’s ok to share that someone has died on social media. It is, of course, best to let the family share it first, so they make sure that the closest know about that the person passed away. Then you can share it further and also write a few words about the person and memories from her/his life. Some people are also telling people they know, before they passed away, how they would like them to announce that they are not with us any longer.

Not everyone are connected through social media, remember to also tell people who aren’t online about that the person passed away. A phone call or email will work.

Connected life online means that we are sharing both good and bad news. Some people will find it unpleasant to find out about that someone passed away online, but that’s how social media and communication work, you get to know a variety of things in different ways.

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