My Midsummer Summary 2014

Hello, it’s already June of 2014. I had both Midsummer dinner and Midsummer lunch last week, so here comes my Midsummer email newsletter.

I’ve done a summary of what has happened so far this year. I did one for 2013 and it was great to look back and share what had happened. It is like looking at yourself in the mirror and quickly analysing what you’ve been up to, what happened and what it lead to.

My Midsummer challenge to you is to answer the same questions, if you wish to. Maybe you can even share it as a blog post or send it back to me? I would love to read it. Scroll down to the end of the newsletter for a summary of the questions.

Here we go. My six months summary of 2014:

What makes me smile 
I love great, deep and meaningful conversations.

Most challenging question
Why do you do what you do? I try to answer that in my ‘I am Sofie’ memoir.

What makes me proud 
That I am developing my brand and it feels as if I am going in the right direction.

Best museum 
The ABBA museum in Stockholm – simply amazing!

Most fascinating house
The House of Mirrors in Kuwait. The couple living there are (were, husband passed away a few years ago) artists and to avoid termites to get into the house and eat on everything they isolated the house with mirrors and mosaic art.

Best TV programme
I got stuck in Stephen Fry’s ‘Planet Word’ on Netflix. A must see for anyone fascinated by language.

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Sofie Sandell portraits. Photographer Katje Rangstam Best photographer

I took new portraits photoswith Katja Rangstam in May this year. Very happy with the result. Proud to be a Westcoast girl.

Most fascinating talk
When Malala Yousafzai spoke at Southbank centre in London 8 March.Best documentary worth watching again 
‘How to start a revolution’Best food
Still love Sophie’s Steakhouse in Fulham, a classic that I am always up for. Fika, a Swedish restaurant on Brick Lane in London is amazing as well. La Bodega in Soho in London looks very suspicious on the outside, but very funky on the inside.Best magazine 
I’ve started to subscribe to Harvard Business Review. It gives you some intellectual motivation.

Personal development 
I am learning how to front crawl properly. Never bothered to learn before, now it’s time to do it, I’m practising several days per week.

Technology challenge 
I learned how to use Dragon Dictate – when you dictate your text. I spent lots of time training my Dragon in March.

Best music on iTunes 
I love Dave Carroll’s album Perfect Blue.

Biggest dinner
I went to JCI London’s annual dinner 8th March to celebrate that the organisation has been around for 60 years. We were over 280 people there. A bit hysteric, but fun.

Best audience 
I loved the audience at the Handheld Partnership conference, plus that I became very curio