Looking back at notes from when I was 12 years old

When I was 12 years old I wrote a book about myself as a special project in school. I loved doing that and it has 16 chapters about my life. I just looked at it and I thought I should share some stories and photos from it here.

Sofie 12 years old

Schools photo from when I was 12 years old 🙂

The first chapter describes my names: Anna, Sofie, Elizabeth – I wanted to spell my third name with z, the British way, I think I thought it was cooler to spell it that way. In Swedish you spell it Elisabeth and that’s still my official spelling.

Me and my mum.

Me and my mum.

My favourite clothes were jeans and college sweaters. I liked the softness of my sweaters, pointed that out in the book.

In chapter 4 ‘What I wonder’ I wrote that it seems to be fun to be a journalist and would like to write about sport – not done that much so far in that area. And I also say that I would like to be a news journalist. I think I wanted to become a sport journalist because my dad was (and still is) a sport addict. As a kid I watched a lot of sport on TV, plus that my teacher’s husband was a sport journalist.

Sofie Sandell school photo

My first school photo when I’m 7 years old

Chapter 5 is about sport – and my favourite sport as a kid was handball. I was the goal keeper and everyone thought I was crazy, it was sometimes very painful, but I loved it. I tried all kind of sports; gymnastic, football, had a few years when all I thought about was horses, athletic, climbing and skiing and probably a few more things.

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Skiing as a kid. I thought I was a star skier in the lower picture.

Skiing as a kid. I thought I was a star skier in the lower picture.

As a 12 year old I had crash on Tom Cruise. I had a big poster of him in room. Back then I had no idea how creepy he would become… I dedicated a chapter to Tom and the film Cocktail in my book. Loved that movie so much (✿◠‿◠)  Going to the cinema was my favourite thing to do and I once saw four movies in one week – and my mum thought I was spending too much money then.

On my perfect birthday I would sleep until 12.00 and then get breakfast served in bed containing cookies and soda. I wish I still could sleep until 12.00 now…

I also described the adventure in Trysil in Norway when me and my best friend Sara got lost when we were out cross country skiing in the evening. I think we were about 10 at the time. We were gone for hours and everyone were so worried. We managed to ski all the way to the centre of the village, and ended up 10 kilometers away from our where we stayed. Luckily I remembered what the place where we stayed was called and we could get a taxi back. That’s one of the dramas from my childhood.


Every year we build a gingerbread house and it was always a bit tricky to glue it together with melted sugar. My dad was always the architect and then I decorated it with candy. The best part of it was that you could then eat it before Christmas.


Ginger house party with my best friend Sarah. Ready to crash the house.

My favourite subjects in schools were geography, art, physical education and to work with the book about myself. I sound so smart when I wrote that I am not in school just because I have to, but to learn new things and to meet my friends.

Sofie the masterchef

Sofie the masterchef