Information for event managers

Hi and thank you for visiting my website. I am a professional speaker and specialise in the areas of social media, digital marketing, leadership and online communication.

 In 2013 I published my book Digital Leadership and I often speak about the digital world, digital strategy, digital leadership and leadership in general.

I’ve been speaking about these topics to corporations and charities at conferences and at internal events since 2009. I have also been a university guest lecturer at the MBA programme at Royal Holloway, University of London.

If you are thinking about booking me as a speaker please read through this first.

Preparation for a speaking engagements

Before a speaking engagement I put in between 3-5 days of preparation and I work closely with the organisers to make sure my presentation will fit the audience. If I am speaking abroad, this often involves a few days of travel before and after.

Equipment requirements

  • If the organiser wishes to review my slides in advance that is fine. If I am preparing a new presentation the slides will be ready a few days before the event.

I prefer to use my own Mac computer and Keynote if this is okay with the AV team. If there is a problem I can convert my slides to Microsoft PowerPoint and use the organiser’s PC.
  • If the talk is to be held in a large room or in front of a large crowd I would request to use a microphone. The best mics are handheld mics or Countryman headset mics.
  • I prefer to test out all audio equipment before speaking, especially if you have translators working at the event.

Social media and sharing content from my talks

I love social media and it’s great when the audience shares photos, short video clips, tweets and quotes from my talks. If the organiser wants to record a video of me onstage it’s best that we agree this in advance. The material and content developed by me may not be lent, resold or circulated without my prior written permission.


When planning travel arrangements please contact me first so we can agree on airlines and timings. I prefer direct flights and as comfortable a travel class as possible.


When working with a client I never share any confidential information with any other parties without prior written permission both during the term of the agreement and after its termination.


All people working with me in a professional capacity are covered by worldwide public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Certificates are available upon request.