Extract from an interview…

I was looking through loads of documents on my computer and I found a forgotten interview and here are some of the comments I made:

About being a speaker:
– I love to share my knowledge and inspire others about how things that can be done. My specialist areas are pretty complex; digital media, people’s creativity and leadership, these topics are not easy to handle and the people I meet feel enlightened and inspired to take action after meeting me and listening to my talks. I explain complex concepts using simple words to make them easier to grasp.  

– I am very curious and I used to work as a management consultant and I’m even a trained quality management  ISO 9001 auditor. I love to dig into what it is that makes something work well and how you can create a culture that will nurture creativity and innovation. In combination with my digital experience I believe this makes me pretty unique. When I worked at BSI I trained teams in all sectors in what you can do with digital tools and this training kicked off a lot of new projects.

– In the future we are going to combine new digital technology with both new and old solutions, and to be able to do this well you must work on your mindset and how you welcome new ideas. Social media is going to get even more complex I believe. 

– I often share some hands-on tips about how you can nurture ideas better, and I also share some stories about successes and failures in the digital world. How you handle new ideas will determine how innovative you are.

Networking and other experts:
– The best way to keep up-to-date with what’s new is to talk to other experts. I recently interviewed two Swedish teens about how they use digital tools and I am expanding my ‘Digital Leadership’ interviews to include more people from all over the globe. I also contribute to the technology radio show #TechTalkfest where I talk about all things digital.

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Teaching masterclasses:
– In my social media masterclasses I encourage all participants to be active and to participate in the discussions. Being involved is the best way to learn and explore new ideas. I prepare my workshops and classes with the help of an online collaboration tool to collect questions from the audience, among other things. Things always go more smoothly when we are all better prepared. 

About volunteering:
– I’ve always volunteered and one of my best experiences was being the president of Junior Chamber International London a few years back. We more than doubled the membership of the Chamber that year and started some amazing projects that are still going strong.

– Working on digital projects with other volunteers can be difficult, but when you get your digital branding right you open up doors that were closed before.

About being an artist and the nervousness exhibiting:
– To talk out loud about what you are doing and thinking makes things real and concrete. When you tell people you know and even strangers what you are up to you become more confident. This is something I discovered about my own creativity.

Thoughts about the future:
– I hope that my legacy will be my books and the inspiration I have shared. I would also love to train people working with the UN and politicians about collaboration and partnership. It looks to me as though they have forgotten how creativity and innovation work. Or maybe they were never trained in these skills to begin with.