Why I wrote a book

Just over one year ago I went to a seminar with Entrepreneurs in London and Patrick M. Powers who did the introduction said:  “To publish a book is the best marketing method there is.” At that time it was not on my radar to start writing a book later in the year.

In September/October 2012 I had developed a lot of course content and training material about digital media and creativity, and it felt extremely heavy to have it all inside me. My brain was packed with too much stuff and I started to play with the idea to put it into a book.

In November, 2112 I went to a friend’s book launch (Elemental Magic) and it was both inspiring, and a big eye opener for me. The following week I started writing my book with help from an audio recorder. I recorded about ten chapters and got a transcriber based in the Philippines to write them down for me. In the end of January I had over 60 pages of content. I found a publishing consultant and I got a few friends to give me feedback.

It feels great now that I’ve put together my thoughts in a book, and that I can share it with more people around the world. To explore creativity as a subject is one of the most interesting things I’ve done 🙂

The title of the book is Digital Leadership – How Creativity in Business Can Propel Your Brand and Boost Your Results. I will reveal how the book cover looks soon!

I am on a mission to teach and train at least 1,000 people in digital leadership and creativity this year, and I’ve done over 500 so far. I am invited to speak at three conferences and I am also doing some more training, so fingers crossed I will reach the goal 1,000!

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And I will invite you to my book launch 3rd October soon! Book the date in your diary and sign up to my newsletter if you would like to get the invite sent to you!

All the best, Sofie x

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