Why I created the Pintrest board with female speakers

I started to collect female speakers on my Pintrest board two days ago and some people have asked me why I started doing it.

Female speakers Pintrest board 6 April

It all springs from an idea I got when I spoke at UCL Enterprise Society at the end of March – UCL stands for University College London. I had a long conversation with a female student and we spoke about equality and being a woman in business.

We started to speak about leadership and conferences and I mentioned the #TackaNej campaign on Twitter that started in Sweden and went global.  It’s all about men refusing to speak at conferences and participate in panels that are men only. (I was born and raised in Sweden and I’ve been in London for about 7 years now)

I think that when a conference ends up having only male speakers it’s often down to bad research. You would be able to find a broader variety of speakers if you used more of your network; you know, digging a bit deeper and asking for more recommendations. Then you would find a better mix that does represent society and how the world looks.

In Sweden there is also an organisation that collects lists in different categories which help conference organisers and others to get more equal representation called Rättviseförmedlingen – here is their website and you can read about the campaign in English:

It shows female speakers who are experts in loads of subjects; some examples are architecture, digital innovators, design, creativity, security and like one hundred more topics.

Thinking time

This week I was thinking a lot about how to create a collection of women who speak in English. There are some women only speaking agencies around, but I did not find any of the sites very user-friendly and visually easy to overview.

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We as humans love when someone creates categories for us. I’ve worked as digital marketing manager and e-commerce managers and I’ve discussed and created hundreds of categories to make a website more user-friendly and easier to orientate.

I thought a lot about where to start my collection of female speakers: Shall I set up a new website? Shall I use social media? Just after the event at UCL I also spent an hour on Pintrest, and I saw some amazing collections there.

I thought to myself, maybe I can set up a new board here featuring female speakers? So there I was and started with six female speakers on Friday and now it will soon be 50 on the board as of Sunday morning.

I need more people to contribute to the Pintrest board and I will set up a board for female speakers based in North America. I am also planning one for women in tech; women who can speak about technology.

If you have any suggestions for speakers, please email me at sofie@sofiesandell.com and send the name of the speakers, short descriptions (500 characters max), and an image or YouTube video.

Many thanks