Where do ideas come from?

Ideas normally don’t falls down on me from the clear blue sky…

They don’t jump out of my computer…

And they don’t come to me when I am in a boring conference room…

I often get ideas when I see something that doesn’t work very well. My ego then tells me: You can do that better. My brain starts working, and next there’s an idea in my head.

Ideas comes to me when I just woken up in the morning, nothing else clogging the brain. They come to me when I am travelling. Sometimes they pop up when I am half asleep on the tube.

Ideas turn up when I am studying what’s going on around me. I think what’s next. I try to read the future, then an idea pops up.

Ideas come from lack of resources. When there are not enough time, money and man-hours you have to become creative. New ideas are often part of the answer.

When an idea is new you need to look after it. Don’t let negative people look at the idea when it is new, they will just kill your self-confidence and imagination. You need to let it grow stronger, then you can show it to anyone.

Ideas are necessary. Look after all your ideas and some of them will blossom in the future.

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