What are your favourite buzzwords that you love to hate?

A while ago I wrote about confusion with words and language. Buzzwords can sometimes confuse us out of our mind, make us pretend we know something we don’t; and this is not good for anyone.

When I posted this in the group  Creativity Champions on LinkedIn I got some funny replies that I would like to share with you.

I asked: What’s your favourite buzzword that you love to hate?

Here are some of the replies I got:

  • Tease out
  • Unpack
  • Modality
  • Utilize
  • Functionality
  • Impact as a verb
  • Organic
  • Agency
  • Process-centric (If we consider that as one word 🙂 )
  • UX/UI
  • Cloud
  • I am with you Star
  • People being on, “The right seat on the bus!”
  • Innovation
  • `Trust me’. Trust is something earned not bartered.
  • Whatever…
  • Awesome
  • Heaps’ (as in “heaps good” – oh yes people actually say that)
  • Eco-friendly

One comment was this:
What is it with people who want to be on ” The same page” . Where is the creativity in that? Let us “all beat the same drum”. This might be defined as the low point for collective consciousness . As a company, some people need to :shoot for the moon” to have ” a one in a million” chance to create that one product ” to die for”. Thanks for letting us “speak our minds”.

Another comment was about the IBM QTAT
In a previous life, I worked for IBM Finance. People fired buzzwords around like crazy! During one meeting when I went to a new area, people kept referring to a manufacturing line called “QTAT”. Novice that I was, I spoke up and asked “What does QTAT mean?” A number of men and women looked down, scratched their heads, adjusted their hair but said nothing. The Controller said “It stands for Quick Turn Around Time, Rick. Thank you for asking!”

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@Rick, did a little work for Planet IBM as well, at one time the acronyms built up to such a ridiculous level that they were referred to as “TLA’s – thats Three Letter Abbreviations! 🙂

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