Top tips to kill creativity and new ideas

As humans we have this wonderful ability to use our mind, imagine a better future and make connections How to kill creativitybetween different events and solutions.

But, still I hear over and over again that people in different organisations are using a language and behaviour that kill creativity in seconds.

Here are some perfect tips how to kill ideas and suppress any form of creativity.

  1. Make this your first mantra ‘It’s been tested before, and it didn’t work then.’
  2. Your second mantra should be ‘This is the way it’s always been done’. Make your experience your weapon to avoid new ideas.
  3. Never imagine a better future for yourself or anyone else.
  4. Let your inner critic lead you and hold you back. And then brand yourself as average with no special talents.
  5. Make people who suggest new ideas feel nervous. Hey, it’s all about showing that you have the power. Practice a skeptic and cynical face in the mirror every morning.
  6. Be greedy. Steal others ideas and never give credit to anyone else, only push your agenda.
  7. Discriminate people because of their age. Say things like ‘You are too young to understand this’ or ‘You are too old to see how youngsters do things today’.
  8. Be suspicious of people who come from other backgrounds than you. Tell them in a passive-aggressive way so it makes them feel awkward and insecure.
  9. Never learn anything new and aim to be a total technophobe. New technology is not for you, and you have nothing to gain from learning more about it.
  10. Bully the people you work with, and never invite anyone with more talent than you into your group.
  11. Always say that there is no budget to try out something new, and if you can’s see an immediate return on investment there is no need testing it out.
  12. Never listen to anyone else. Change subject as soon as it sounds as is someone has something interesting to say. Interrupt and get overly excited about your own thought!
  13. It’s especially important never to listen to your customers. They don’t know much anyway!
  14. Aim to be a dishonest person with an agenda never to be trusted. If anyone trusts you with a secret, share it with others immediately.
  15. You don’t need to do anything today, wait until tomorrow or next week… You are NOT here on this Earth to express yourself creatively. Be average. Be a nobody. Especially have no integrity.
  16. If anyone you know is an artist, songwriter, poet or photographer, or something that involves their personal creativity, never work with them. They are obviously a threat.
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