Tick tack, tick tack. How do you use your time?

During the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young People) ceremony in Osaka in November one of the winners Antti Yrjänä Pentikäinen, said that he thought that evil people are using their time more efficiently than good people.

He has been a medical doctor in conflict zones and seen the effect of bad leadership right in front of him ; no democracy, inefficient public sector, women are far from equal to men, no education system, no health care, no infrastructure… you name it, these factors are creating a lot of problems for the people living in in the affected areas.

Are bad leaders more determined to achieve their goals? Are the better at spreading their vision? Better at using their time and resources? Compare this with Osama bin Laden the leader for al Quada, loads of people follow him around the world and they are prepared to die for him. Very efficient leadership creating results that are devastating for the world.

Is it easier to gather people around an evil mission than a good mission?

How are you using your time? Have you been evaluating  your own values lately? Where do you put in your time? What is important for you?

If you want to use your time better and create something good out of it you have to know where you stand. What’s your beliefs? Do you do what you want to do with your time? Will what you do now matter for the future?

Lots of questions, and they are very important to ask ourselves so we can become better at using the time we have. Time is though the only thing we have.

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If you want to read more about bad leadership go to the Harvard blog and read some of Barbara Kellerman’s posts: http://blogs.hbr.org/kellerman