The Web I Want

The Web is a world on its own – big, wide and scary. The Web is not fair, equal and there are many injustices taking place online all the time, plus that the web is putting children and vulnerable people at risk.

Last week I went to a talk at the Web We Want weekend at the Southbank centre in London. This inspired me to write down what I would like to the web to look like. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Access to the internet should be affordable and accessible for everyone. In 2013 40% of the worlds populations had access to the Web. It should be a human right to have access to information online.
  • Online bullying should be banned, and there should be ways to punish people doing it.
  • Freedom of expression must be better understood by more people. It’s never right to threat to murder, rape or maltreat someone, in the real world or online.
  • There should be no harassment against girls and women sharing their opinions online. Right now there are millions of women who are choosing not to express their opinions just because they are afraid of being trolled.
  • Privacy matters for everyone. No government should be able to spy on what all of us do online. The mass surveillance that going in at the moment is not right.
  • Medical information on the Web should be verified by an expert in the topic.
  • Our medical record should be safe and not be shared without our prior consent.
  • Better customer support from the major social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google. It’s shocking that they still hide behind a wall when you report issues such as scam, threats and online trolling. They should have proper customer service centres where you can report issues and get advice by talking to a person and a personal email conversation.
  • Websites with poor userability should be rebuilt. Great information layout that’s easy for humans to understands should be compulsory for new websites.
  • When you search for something the search engines should understand what you actually mean, and not show up too many spammy results.
  • The porn industry should not be online in the extent it’s now. Did you know many boys start to watch porn at the early age of seven. Awful, this must stop now.
  • There should be no way to hide child pornography online.
  • And illegal drugs and substances should not be traded online.
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These are some of my thoughts today. We all play a part in defining the future of the Web. You do. I do.

What does the Web look like that you want? Write it down and share it with me.