The myth about the ‘France email ban 2016’

In the last week, I’ve read articles about the new law in France that forbids employers to email their employees after 18.00. Google ‘France email ban 2016’ and you will find that lots of newspapers write about it.

It’s not true, and it’s a new modern myth to add to future books about modern fables.

I asked a friend who lives in Paris about the new email law, and she had never even heard about it.

She searched on Google in French and said that French media mentioned that an English-speaking man stressed in front of computerjournalist got it wrong, and then it spread all over the world.

What is more correct is that there are people in certain jobs, that are extremely busy, that will be able to set up a communication policy in which you set expectations when and how late you are allowed to communicate. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Many organisations are made up of people with strange expectations about when emails should be read, actioned and replied to. A friend of mine used to wake up to 15 emails that her boss had sent her in the middle of the night. Her boss suffered from insomnia and could never sleep and was emailing all night instead. For my friend, this was stressful and she could never start a day with her own to-do-list, instead, it was made up of her boss ideas. This story is an example of crossing the digital communication boundary in a bad way.

There are smart communication tools that help you send emails later. I’ve used Boomerang a tool that helps you to send emails later. l. They have plugins for both Gmail and  Outlook.

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One thing that is necessary is that we need to talk much more about boundaries and expectations when it comes to digital communication.

Thank you, France for opening up the discussion about how and when we should communicate online.

The habit of always being connected is not good for our creativity and our brains.



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