The Digital Leadership Dinner: Global Conversations November 2014

We kicked off our first Digital Leadership Dinner: Global Conversations 19th November. The event was sold out two weeks beforehand and here is a short background and summary of the event.

The idea for the dinner started when I wanted to create a space where people could discuss big global questions over dinner. We all know so much already, so why not create our own content from our discussions and then stream some of our thoughts live. I started to talk about the dinner idea with Ghilaine Chan, co-founder of TechTalkfest a few months ago and now the event is here. It’s amazing what a chat and lunch can lead to.

Digital leadership dinner

Introduction by Sofie Sandell and Zoe Cunningham

Big part of networking is about knowledge sharing and knowing who knows what. ‘Networking is the oldest way of doing business.’ Zoe Cunningham, founder of TechTalkfest

I sat at a table of seven people with different backgrounds, we had good discussions and several shared inspiring stories from their lives. In total we had three tables of seven. 

The theme questions to discuss over dinner were: 

1) How do we motivate ourselves to build relationships with people who are different from us?

2) What are the ingredients of a sustainable partnership?

One thing that we all said quickly was: ‘we are all different from each other. None are the same.’

The next topic we chatted about were cultural differences. A woman on my table who worked internationally said: ‘it was first when I understood the background of the people and where they came from that I felt that I started to listen to them.’

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A sustainable partnership must be built on trust and respect. We discussed this from different angles and perspectives and however we saw it trust must be there.

Watch the summaries from two of the participants


At future dinners we are planning to focus on global questions that matters for all of us. Maybe next dinner will focus on building trust? Another topic that came up was how social media is affecting our identity.

Thank you everyone who attended, I’m very pleased with the evening.

Sofie Sandell