Ten distinct types of digital stress

Social media brings stress into our lives in the most peculiar ways. We are constantly hearing that we should not be connected all the time and that it’s the cause for lots of stress. But is that easy? If we just disconnect things would be much better? I’ve asked people what make them stressed online, here is a summary of what they told me:

  1. The hassle when your phone is running out of battery.
  2. The shock when you’ve been overusing your 3G and 4G allowance. What happened?
  3. The disappointment when your phone runs out of memory while you’re filming a video.
  4. When you get to know from a post on Facebook that you were not invited to a fun party and your so-called ‘friends’ seem to have had a great time.
  5. When you are sitting on the tube and the cute guy/girl you want to flirt with is just staring down at their phone.
  6. When you realise that someone in your social media network is writing insulting and humiliating comments about you on social media.
  7. When you are having a bad day and you feel like the loneliest person in the universe and ALL your connections seem to have perfect lives.
  8. The day when you search for a friend online and they left all social media without telling you and there is no way to connect to them.
  9. When someone you care for shares that they are seriously ill on social media, and may have just a short time to live.
  10. When you learn on social media that a friend has passed away.
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