How To Pitch Big Data To Your Chief Financial Officer

Sofie Sandell, a leadership and social media expert, says:

“CFO’s love numbers and big data can be used to track what the business is up to in spreadsheets, graphs and graphics. Show your CFO some of these that have been used by other businesses and have a discussion about how beautiful information can be when you present it using graphics. There are books about this topic you can purchase online. This will sparkle ideas about how to share new insights with the rest of organisation.

“Daily the CFO is searching for information and collating it and using it, so the use of big data is already there. If you are suggesting new investments and better use of the data that’s there you need to show what it is that you are after in a confident way. Explore the tools and learn some of the tricks by using them yourself first.

“Big data is all about being smarter with information. Right now we are drowning in figures and there are tools that can help us present this information so that even the busiest C-suit person will be fascinated by it and be able to interpret the world better to make smarter decisions.”

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