Tattoos, life and our love for quotes

I find it fascinating that people are tattooing important messages on their bodies. I don’t have any tattoos myself, but who knows, one day I may.

Cv Pillay has a tattoo on his arm saying: ‘Our paths crossing was no mistake.’ Powerful. Imagine having a coffee with someone and then they show you a similar tattoo, would it make you smile, or would you find it scary?

CV Pillay tattoo our path crossing was no mistake

Life is partly about self-leadership and pushing ourselves out of the ‘comfort sofa’. If people stayed away from the sofa just a bit more what would happen to the world then?

Good question. I let you answer it.

Many of my friends wear bracelets with inspiring messages and reminders. Not as cool as a real tattoo, but it has a similar function. Not permanent, but still important reminders.

Some of my earrings bring a secret message with them. Only for me though. People who see them often make a comment about them, and maybe that means that they see that they are special to me?

To print your own reminders and make your own products check out Cafe Press. It’s fantastic that you can create your own design, perfect for good reminders.

Here are some people who took it further and have permanent reminders on their body 🙂

Have a lovely day!

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