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Q&A: The web: Is it making us lonelier?

For over 25 years we have had access to this wonderful gift called the World Wide Web. It’s both beautiful and the cause of trouble. On Friday 20th March I heard on the BBC Breakfast show that using social media is making us feel lonelier. I think the discussion was prompted by United Nations International

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Sofie Sandell’s talk at TEDxWomen 6th December

This is my talk at TEDxIslingtonWomen 6th December. I recorded it on my audio recorder, the video is being edited by the video crew at the moment, will share when it’s out there. I shared three stories about ‘Digital Leadership in Action’. One about a protest in Acton, London, one story about how to raise

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Digital Leadership interview #2 – Terry Brock

Hi Terry, it’s great to be connected and I’m very much looking forward to learning more about you and your view on Digital Leadership and our digital world. Terry and I connected on Facebook after a friend in common, Andy Lopata, mentioned Terry in a comment in one of my updates. My status update was

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Help me and tweet about my book ‘Digital Leadership’

I know that many of you love Twitter. Would you mind tweeting about my book and brand ‘Digital Leadership’? I would really appreciate your help, and next time we meet I will buy you a coffee. Great deal 🙂 Review Digital Leadership on Amazon  Would you like to share your thoughts and write a review of Digital

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Social Media Q&A

Do you have any questions about life in relation to social media?

Send an email with your question to Sofie Sandell for a chance to get it published here.
Email: sofie@sofiesandell.com

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