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Digital democracy? Yes please!

Last week I attended the annual Digital Leaders lecture in London and the topic for this year was Digital Democracy. Chloe Smith, a UK member of the parliament, hosted the event and did an excellent job as emcee. Helen Milner from the Tinder Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise that makes good things happen through digital

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Different kind of members – membership strategy & leadership

I’m off to talk about Junior Chamber International (JCI) London’s journey, membership growth and leadership in Antwerp, Belgium today. It’s JCI Vlaanderen’s inspiration day. All membership based organisation around the world, they have the same kind of issues: They want more members They want more engaged members They want members to stay longer And they want

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Social media, innovation and the digital dragon

Digitalization is making us ask ourselves new questions; what, how, who, where, when and why? It’s has slowly but surely been spreading it’s impact in even the smallest corners of all organisations. The digital dragon fly fast and brings new power. It can be both big and small, but most of all, it’s challenging us.

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The Web I Want

The Web is a world on its own – big, wide and scary. The Web is not fair, equal and there are many injustices taking place online all the time, plus that the web is putting children and vulnerable people at risk. Last week I went to a talk at the Web We Want weekend

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My online brand. Will I be judged?

Question: Will my potential customers judge me by what I write online? Answer: The answer is short and neat: Yes, they will judge you by what you say on online. Before anyone does business with you they check out your credibility online and they will Google your name and your brand name. What you write

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9 trends in social media 2014

1) More and more businesses are getting better at experimenting with digital and social media, just look at the FTSE 500 or any big brands for inspiration. Many brands are also starting to understand how their followers react to different messages on social media – they understand their audience – and this will lead to

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Religion and social media

I recently attended a conference in Birmingham that combined the topics of religion and the challenges of living in a digital age. It was the 34th World Congress with The International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) and the theme was ‘Challenges for Religious Freedom in the Digital Age’. We live in a world that is

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Social Media Q&A

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