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The Guardian

Read the full article here:  Why business owners shouldn’t be afraid of a bad review ***** Appropriate responses While negative reviews are not necessarily something to be feared, it is essential to respond to them. The numbers reinforce this – some 85% of TripAdvisor users agree that a thoughtful response to a bad review will

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Q&A: Connectivity and mindfulness

Question: Do I have to go to a retreat to be mindful and stay away from all connectivity? Answer: There are many people who go to retreats and do their best to stay away from all the connectivity of the modern world. For some this is great but others might not see the benefits that

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Friday magazine

The anti-social network According to British social media expert
 Sofie Sandell, the rise of anonymous online confessions is fuelled by a human desire
to connect with others. ‘For all the ways we connect through social media, we can end up more disconnected than ever,’ she says. ‘With confessional websites, we have a place for genuine honesty.

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Q&A: The anonymous web. Why does it attract us?

The web and all its applications and inventions mirror what’s going on in the world. One thing I’ve been looking into lately is the anonymous web. I’m talking about confession websites and apps where you don’t share your identity – why do we use them? They are increasing in popularity, but why? It’s not surprising

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Fans, loyalty, social media and the role of true engagement

Nowadays, your fans are more important than ever as they have huge power over your brand. How can you get them to live, love and breathe your brand? This is one of the big questions for the future of media and advertising; I’m sure that many people are researching ‘the magic of being shareable’. Likes, followers,

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Are you a thoughtleader?

Thoughtleaders is one of these words that we love to say it but we use it in a sloppy way and don’t say what we mean with it. It’s a buzzword and I recently read in the Harvard Business Review that it’s one of those words that have been gaining enormous popularity over the last

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Q&A: The web: Is it making us lonelier?

For over 25 years we have had access to this wonderful gift called the World Wide Web. It’s both beautiful and the cause of trouble. On Friday 20th March I heard on the BBC Breakfast show that using social media is making us feel lonelier. I think the discussion was prompted by United Nations International

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Social Media Q&A

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