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5 tips for better membership strategy and engagement

A membership based organisation that’s lacking members is soon going to go bust if they don’t do anything about it. People need to put in their time and energy into the organisation to make it stay active. There are many other things that your members can spend their time on. Here are some tips to

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Different kind of members – membership strategy & leadership

I’m off to talk about Junior Chamber International (JCI) London’s journey, membership growth and leadership in Antwerp, Belgium today. It’s JCI Vlaanderen’s inspiration day. All membership based organisation around the world, they have the same kind of issues: They want more members They want more engaged members They want members to stay longer And they want

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Sofie Sandell inspires young professionals to bring digital leadership and creativity into their organisation

Press release Sofie Sandell was one of the speakers at Junior Chamber International UK’s national convention 22 November in Leeds. Her talk about digital leadership covered how organisations can better nurture new and innovative ideas. Often people say no to new ideas without realizing that they might just have killed something that could help them to

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The power of being a digital brand

For many years I’ve been studying websites and other digital communication tools used by Junior Chamber International (JCI) chambers around the world. When chambers tell me about their successes I can see a connection between using technology in an intelligent way and membership engagement. The most outstanding chambers have changed their processes and have a

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How to crowdsource a message and make it into a video

I’ve just produced a video for JCI UK’s video competition 2012. The theme is I ‘heart’ JCI UK. Please check it out, it might give you some ideas how you can collect thoughts from your community and share the message. During a meetup/networking event with an ex-colleague I came up with the video idea. I tweeted

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A little bit like Marmite….

Leadership is complicated. Who defines a leader? Where does leadership come from? What is leadership? Big questions and there are no straight forward answers. There are a few things that will happen when you lead in big organisations. The more senior job you get, the more decisions you’ll need to make, and you will also

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Tick tack, tick tack. How do you use your time?

During the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young People) ceremony in Osaka in November one of the winners Antti Yrjänä Pentikäinen, said that he thought that evil people are using their time more efficiently than good people. He has been a medical doctor in conflict zones and seen the effect of bad leadership right in front of

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Social Media Q&A

Do you have any questions about life in relation to social media?

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