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Digital transformation, what does it really mean?

Last week I commented on a LinkedIn update. The poster had asked how people define digital transformation. My comment was: “Making many things in life better, simpler and easier for as many people as possible by using new technology in a smarter way. #DigitalLeadership” There were many suggestions about what digital transformation means, and I

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What is digital leadership? Interview with Mujic Consulting

Recently I was interviewed about digital leadership and what leaders have to consider now when everything has a digital angle to it. I’ve been to plenty of conferences and workshops where we talked about opportunities and hurdles in digitalisation. Every time the conclusion is the same: everyone agrees that it’s culture and leadership that stops

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The bumpy journey of digital leadership

We are at the beginning, not the end, of digital transformation. Still, I meet leaders who live under a stone—in denial—not thinking much about things like big data, the cloud, social media, apps and digital strategies. In 1995 when the internet started to grow into what it is today, nobody could imagine the opportunities that

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What Is the Connection Between Leadership and Digital Stress?

Last week I was at a ‘meet and share’ lunch event with The Social Media Club Gothenburg in Gothenburg, Sweden, at collaborative workspace Entrepreneurial Hive. The theme for this lunch was digital stress, a topical subject. Stress-related illnesses cause burn-out and mental illness and stress is one of the main reasons people are off work.

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The 7 Modern Deadly Sins of Digital Leadership

How do we create and nurture a leadership style that will be good for people, the planet and the society we live in? I’ve been inspired by medical consultant Stefan Einhorn, a Swedish author and Professor of Molecular Oncology, who’s written a book about the modern seven deadly sins. The ‘old’ deadly sins, wrath, greed,

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Digital leadership, innovation and collaboration

When working in digital and creative jobs in any organisations you have to be innovative, brave and daring enough to take risks when you introduce new digital ideas. Still there are many people fearing new technology and that stops development and can make an entire organisation to a stand still. Standing still and not developing

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Fans, loyalty, social media and the role of true engagement

Nowadays, your fans are more important than ever as they have huge power over your brand. How can you get them to live, love and breathe your brand? This is one of the big questions for the future of media and advertising; I’m sure that many people are researching ‘the magic of being shareable’. Likes, followers,

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9 behaviours that leaders we admire have in common

I often ask people to describe the behaviour of great leaders. And I don’t mean famous leaders; I mean leaders that people have been close to in their life – at work or in any similar situation. I’ve asked people about leadership behaviours for years and the answers I’ve received have been the same in

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Social Media Q&A

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