Supplements I take for a clear mind

When I’m out and about surfing the internet I read a lot of information about supplements and what you should eat to get more energy.

Here I will share what kind of supplements I take and how it works for me.

Over the last five – six years I’ve taken extra magnesium power. It helps my body to relax, perfect before I go to bed, and I take a small dose 1-2 times per day.

Another powder I take almost every day is L-glutamine. It helps to get rid of sugar craving and is good for your focus. It helps your brain to relax and is an amino acid that is used in addiction treatment, it works because it makes the brain feel happy.

In the winter, I don’t get enough vitamin D, and I decided that it was time to eat more of that every day, I take a strong dose every day. A holiday in the sun every winter is probably also a good cure.

I randomly started to take Coenzyme Q10 a while ago, and lots of my tiredness I felt before disappeared when I did that. There are lots of medical studies researching the effects of Q10, and it is good for the heart and your mitochondria. It helps your body to get energy into the cells.

I’ve also taken multi-vitamins every now and then for many years. It’s hard for me to say if they make a huge difference, or not. I eat good food and is conscious about that I get enough variety in my daily intake, so maybe I eat too well to notice a difference 😉

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I think it’s up to each of us to try out what works for us, we are all individuals with different bodies on the outside and the inside. What works for one may not work for another.

Good luck and stay strong!