Social media, people and opportunities

Today I tweeted: ‘Social media is about people. Embrace the ways people connect. It’s about sharing, helping and doing good! Do you agree?’

We all have turned into global networkers using social media and we are not far from being connected from almost anyone any longer.

All people have got an online profile weather we want it or not. Employers, colleagues and people we just met are checking us out on Google.

We are forming relationship using social networks, we decide where to go on holiday by reading reviews online, and you as a member of your community have loads of opportunities to influence the politicians where you live using social media.

I just signed an online petition for same-sex marrige rights After filling in the form I was taken to a page where I could send an email to my local MP (politician) which I did, yesterday two weeks later I recived a letter from my local MP thanking me for sharing the information with her. So she got my message.

I often hear lots of negative comments about social media, that people only update really boring things on Facebook and Twitter. It might be true that some people do, but there are thousands of opportunities that are lurking around in social media. Whatever your problems is you are likely to find a solution out there on YouTube, twitter, Facebook and other niche networks.

Keep your networking online growing stronger.

Sofie Sandell is the author of the book ‘Digital Leadership – How Creativity in Business can Propel Your Brand and Boost Your Results’.

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