Social media from the heart

Millions of people use social media; some do it well, some not so well.

In this post I will give you some tips on how to stand out in your social network so that more people will listen to you and share your content.

Your online brand

You have access to several online social networks where you can show who you are and what your interests are by building an online profile. Your online profile is a blueprint of who you are and what you stand for.

I have read many people’s descriptions of themselves on LinkedIn, Facebook and on their websites. Some people’s descriptions accurately reflect their situation and you get a true and honest picture of who they are by reading about them. Some of the online profiles that I’ve come across are not a true and honest reflection. One person I first connected with online told the world how fantastic he was at networking and how great he was at connecting with people. When I met him in real life he was a very shy person and had no charisma at all. He was not telling the true and honest story about who he was. Don’t make the same mistake he did.

If you want to make an impact online you must be honest about who you are and what you believe in. Your personality online should match how you are in real life. Show what kind of person you are in terms of your head, heart and spirit.

Social media Likes hanging

Who says what matters?

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Social media is not just about being social, sharing and providing information. It is also about credibility and influencing people in your network.

If you compare it to how we live in society, we are all more likely to listen to people that we trust and respect. The same rules apply online. We’re much more likely to listen to honest people who are sharing an opinion that they genuinely hold.

We all have an OBD – an online bullshit detector, we can see immediately if anyone shares something online and doesn’t mean it. You had better show who you really are, including your flaws, and stay true to your values. We connect with people on an unconscious level, and it’s very hard to say exactly why you like someone. Well, it is for me, at least.

The basic human need to be social

Interacting with others is a very basic need for human beings. Our ability to network with each other, to connect with others outside our tribe, is one of the reasons we have survived as a species. That is why we’re here today and why we have been able to go through different phases of development. We can’t help it, we’re programmed to connect with other people and we want to stay connected with the people we like.

Have you noticed that women are naturally better at communication, building relationships and connecting with people? Look at the top ten Twitter accounts, eight of the ten are women. If you are a man, open up your feminine side and become a better networker who can leverage your connections better.

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Showing empathy and caring for each other

It’s deeply programmed into our DNA that we feel empathy and show each other we care. This is now made easy with the help of social networks and digital media.

We can like, comment and share information with each other. If the train station is closed it will be mentioned on Twitter immediately. If you have something to celebrate you can share that with all your friends in a moment.

We want to know what’s going on and most of us want to engage with others and let other people know what we’re up to.

I once felt a bit down and wrote on my Facebook page: “I’m in big need of a virtual hug…” That evening I received over 50 likes/hugs and several messages and, yes, it made me feel much better.

Most of us want attention and appreciation, even if we are not saying that out loud. Publicly praise people in your networks. Many people love public compliments. Say thank you on a friend’s Facebook wall, tweet someone who has done something you admire. Make it visible and show others that you are a fan of them and care about them.

When you share posts online, share what you believe in. The three ‘E’s will work magic for you: Engage, Entertain and Educate your network with your posts and updates. Then people will keep coming back to you for more information.


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