Social Media Club Göteborg – book marketing

This week I had the opportunity to visit Social Media Club Göteborg which is a network for people interested in social media in Göteborg – as in the name.

We met for lunch and interesting discussions at Incontro and the theme was how authors can use social media to promote their books and what it is that make you choose to read a book from another. Each table formed a group and I sat with three other authors, two of them I got a book from – Kajsa Asp and Kristina Svensson – thank you!!

Every group then shared their thoughts and this was steamed live via Bambuser. Super smart!! You can see me in the video, I am speaking twice, sharing my group’s discussion and a story about my book 🙂 Time: 4.50 min and 16:36 (the video is in Swedish)

If you would like to you can download a sample of my book ‘Digital Leadership’. I only ask for your email address and I will add you to my email list.

Social Media Club Göteborg

On the top picture you see me and Maria Gustafsson who is organising the meetings.

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