I have a second career in China

The other day I was accepting connection requests on LinkedIn. Since my two last blog posts on LinkedIn went viral and got shared hundreds of times I had at least 100 new requests to wade through. There are plenty of phoney accounts on LinkedIn, and one way I use to check if they are real is to google searched the profile photo. I right-click on the photo and choose to search Google. If the photo turns up on websites and other social media with another person’s name on it’s a fraud account.

I thought I should do the same search for my own photo, and I found that a company in Shanghai is using my profile photo with another name on it. How annoying! Here is the site: tricreationltd.com/?page_id=23

Can I do anything about it? Or shall I just leave it?

I asked this question on my Facebook. One of my friends suggested that I could always add it as an experience to my CV. Another friend who is French pointed out that she always said I look French, so it’s funny that they say I speak French, hehehe.

Everyone who has a photo of themselves online is risking ‘photo kidnapping’. If you are planning to work with a company you are not familiar with a tip is to Google search the photos of their employees so you know they are honest regarding who is working for them.

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