A quick review of my use of social media over the last year

I spend far too much time online, and over the last 18 months, I’ve tried to reduce the time I spend on social media. Here are some of my insights.

In November 2015, I decided to post less on my personal Facebook page. I thought Facebook was eating up my time. Before that, I posted almost every day and often also posted several updates. Then I decided to post less myself and comment less.

One reason for this was that some people liked to argue with me online, and I don’t feel much satisfaction in hosting a ‘fight club’. Another reason is that Facebook has become a place where people post too much about politics and sensitive questions that take a three-hour lecture or a 300-page book to really understand. Many topics and problems are too complex to cover in a few sentences.

One thing that became clear to me after I started to post less frequently was that I got fewer ‘likes’ from my friends and followers, and I suspect that this has to do with Facebook’s algorithm. I suddenly broke my posting pattern, then the algorithm got confused and showed fewer of my posts.

In May, I was harassed and trolled in Facebook groups for days. This made me so angry, so I managed to speak to Facebook’s head of policy and I suggested some changes to the platform which they then implemented. I should have been paid for this, but they got my advice for free.

Read the story here

I still use my Instagram account as a diary. I use it for myself so I remember where I’ve been. I have no strategy and no special intention in using it. It’s messy and not as organised as it could be. I’ve become a crazy cat person on Instagram too. Since I started to live with a cat I’ve had to take lots of pictures of him…

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I still enjoy hashtags and there are some people who share great things there, so I check them out every now and then. Twitter has been Trump’s platform over the last few months, and I believe that we will continue to have to read what he writes on Twitter whether we like it or not.

I use it more often now. I had a lesson with Leo, 18, and he showed me some tips and tricks. I then wrote a blog post for people who are over 22 about how to use Snapchat, which was widely shared.

I got very annoyed with LinkedIn last year. They didn’t feature any of my posts that had a feminist angle in the story, and only showed the things I wrote that were simple to digest for readers. I got so irritated with this and stopped posting for quite a while. I wrote to their customer support team and of course, they denied that the algorithm they use to pick feature stories has any bias towards stories that have a feminist angle. Read the story here

I don’t log in that often and I should add some new photos to my sexy, sexy collection.

I hardly think of YouTube as social media, even if it’s huge. It’s a channel with lots of educational videos for me, and I watch quite a few.

I try to be more conscious of what I do online, but it is really hard when you get all these notifications and reminders all the time. We are curious creatures and it is hard to stay away.