Q&A: Will my potential customers judge me by what I write on Twitter?

Q: Will my potential customers judge me by what I write on Twitter? 

A: The answer is short and neat: Yes, they will judge you by what you say on Twitter, and online in general. Before anyone does business with you they check out your credibility online and they will Google your name and your brand name. What you write and say about yourself will help them to make up their mind about you, who you are and if they like you. We tend to choose to work with people we like when we meet them, and if their online messages connect with us then it’s even easier to make up our minds.

Google rank Twitter high and will show off your Twitter account among the first results when someone searches for you.

Bloomberg—a trader’s best friend—has pulled Twitter into its terminal since April this year. This is a sign that the stock market is taking information published on social media seriously. Read an article on this topic published on Mashable.

You have to make a decision about whether you would like social media involved in every aspect of your business, which makes it more effective, or if you are happy to send out a message every now and then.

What you need to know:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they want to hear from you?
  • Where is your audience online?

When you know more about who your audience is you can compose a better message and use the right channels.

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Doing well on Twitter is not about having thousands or even millions of followers, it’s more about connecting with the right people who want to connect and listen to you. So go out and find them.

From my book ‘Digital Leadership’

Sofie says: “We all have an OBD—an Online Bullshit Detector. We can see immediately if anyone shares something online and doesn’t mean it. You are better off showing who you are, with your flaws, and keep being authentic to your values.”