Q&A: Why all these cats and dogs?

Questions: There are too many cat and dogs videos in my social media feeds. Why are (some) people so obsessed with animals?

Answer: It’s simple, animals are cute. Anything that has fur and charming eyes will attract humans. Is there anything you can do to stop the amount of animal updates online? Not sure, I think you just have to ignore them if they are annoying you. Potentially the social media networks could set up an algorithm that filters out videos with cats and dogs?

What’s happening online is an extension of everyday life and our relationship with animals goes way back to the early history of human life. Also, many people’s first true friend was a cat or a dog and many have a family member who they care for deeply, that happens to be an animal.

Our obsession with watching videos of animals online comes from our love of them.


For you who can’t get enough of our cute fury friends check out Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette on Instagram – she’s very active online and a celebrity in the fashion industry.




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