Q&A: Social media, love and flirting

Question: Can I flirt with people I don’t know that well (or maybe not at all) on social media? I don’t mean apps and websites that are set up for dating purposes, more the open social media networks. Is it ok?

Answer: Yes, you can flirt on social media. Some people connect online first, meet up, and fall in love. We live in a connected world. Social media is powerful. I’ve heard of couples who fly to the other side of the world to meet up with a person they met on Twitter.

Of course, you have to be tactful when flirting on social media, there is a risk you are seen as a stalker if your connection request or message aren’t appreciated.

Sending a flirty message or tweet to someone can be absolutely fine, but sending a long demanding message, or a message that sounds creepy, is most likely not appreciated.

Be polite and think about how you would approach a person in real life and try to apply similar manners when you are connecting with someone online. When humans interact is’t all about context. What’s said in one conversations might be totally wrong in an other.


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