Q&A: Shall I still do Facebook marketing?

I got a question about Facebook marketing and if it still works?

Q: “Spending money to promote your page on facebook. Don’t bother. I have been thinking for a while now that Facebook for business is useless. Any thoughts Sofie Sandell”.

The person asking the question referred to this video:

A: My answer is that it depends on…. but small businesses can’t rely on FB as their main platform for publication – at least at the moment.

The FB pages that are very successful are still getting likes, comments and shares – but also worry about the new challenge with visibility.

If you are based in a country where FB has many users and you share a message that people care about then you will get likes, comments and shares. FB is now in Oct 2014 still the platform that gets messages to be shared and spread the quickest.  

Facebook is trying the get all posts as interesting as possible for us using the service, and there are millions of FB-pages around now. I have liked over 600 pages myself and if I would get all updates from all of them my flow of updates would be really boring.

I have over 1,500 friends on FB and there are a many people’s update I never see just because FB has decided that that is how it is… I would have loved to see all posts, but that’s not how it’s working.

A few tips:

  • Imagine when your audience is most active on FB and post then, would guess evening and weekends for your Yoga page.
  • Post several times per day on your FB page. I you are a B2C brand, post in the evening and weekend. Not when people are at work. You can schedule this if you wish to with FB or a platform such as Hootsuit and Sprout Social.
  • Use images that have a strong message – use colours that are in line with your brand
  • Be creative and fun in your updates.
  • Avoid to sponsor an update which is a long blog post. I see lots of health professionals and coaches doing that. Be short and concise in your message – works better for your sponsored posts. The call to action must be understood in three milli-second.
  • If you are spending money on your FB page a first tip is to get into a habit of doing it weekly. FB is changing the interface and the tricks you can do in your advertising every week, so it’s good to be on top of that.
  • If you compare with YouTube where 50% of all views are educational you get an idea what people are doing online. The internet is an entertainment park, our life university and a communication hub.
  • People learn best by collaboration and if your updates are calling for collaboration you are more likely to get it. Ask your fans for their thoughts.
  • If you can share content that is a mix of educational and entertainment then you will reach further and fly higher.
  • You might have noticed that you see the recent FB pages that you have liked in your FB flow. And if you engage with the page the first 3 months then you will continue to see the updates. If you don’t engage you will not see it.
  • Some of the successful FB pages that I follow have a deep understanding about who they are and who their fans are and that gives them a huge advantage.
  • Brands that are strong online have a story they are proud of, they know which themes they can post about and they have a sixth sense helping them to understand what their fans will enjoy. 

My yogi friend Isabel Holmquist is sharing inspiring content on Instagram http://instagram.com/yogagbg. The posts are:

  • entertaining
  • educational
  • challenging
  • fascinating your mind and makes you realise that you can do yoga everywhere!
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Your question is complex and you need to think about where you are going to curate your content. FB might not be the best place at the moment if you are not spending money.