Q&A: Self promotion in social media for singing artists

Question: I run my own business as a singer and singing teacher and I feel under pressure to share what I do more on social media. I don’t want to spend too much time doing this if it won’t work for my business, and this is stopping me from doing it properly.

I am present on the major social media channels, but it’s more about putting time into my social media presence. It’s important for me that I don’t feel as if I’m wasting my time doing things that won’t help my business. Another concern is that I don’t want to be seen as someone who only talks about myself and my work. Help!

Answer: This is a question about marketing, and online marketing matters hugely these days. To get it right and find a balance you need to do have a go yourself and try things out to see what works.

How much time you have to spend online to use social media well is hard to say, but we spend a lot of time online in front of computers, tablets and smartphones, and sharing and interacting with your network can take anything from 1-4 hours per day, some days even more.

To have a perfect way to measure return on your time invested in can be very hard to get when on social media. You are your own ‘brand factory’ and you need to create a message that works for you.

There are a few parameters you always can play with: messages, channels and checking if you are focusing on the right audience. Always test and evaluate the feedback you get. Good feedback is likes, shares and comments. Negative feedback is total silence.

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What you share online is part of your personal brand. Some people will argue that everything you do online reflects your personal brand. People who follow you want insights into your life but you choose what you want to share. Some people are very open, others more private. You set up the rules for what feels right for you.

We like to get insights into people’s choices and what they are doing with their lives. We are interested in who is working with whom, what people think of trends and what kinds of things inspire them. Share this and create your own online story. I’m following many people on blogs and Instagram and I love to get to know more about them.

Many people in similar jobs to yours use a combination of all of the big social media networks in a sophisticated way. Their professional profile such as LinkedIn mixes wonderfully with their accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and video channels to create a very interesting mix of messages.

Getting your head around all these networks may seem difficult, but if you want to be seen and heard you have to dip your toe in the water and have a go.

My most important tips is that you must follow people who are good at online communication to learn and develop your own skills. There are no magic tricks that can help you to win thousands of followers in a week. Yes, you can buy follower and likes, but that is unethical and I wouldn’t recommend you do that. There’s also a risk that these followers will disappear when Twitter and similar networks clean out false accounts.

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When we are online we love to be entertained and educated. If you can entertain and educate your network, that’s valuable.

Your followers also like to know what’s going on in your life. You have to assume that your followers and friends want to know what you are planning to do and when they can come and watch you sing.

As soon as you have dates and events in your diary share them. People want to know. Music is one of those magical things in life that we can’t get enough of. All social media channels are busy, so remember to share your events on a regular basis. You can set up automatic reminders to be shared a few times before every gig. Every gig needs it before, during and after strategy in social media, that will keep it alive longer.

People often ask me how often they should post. This all depends on, but a guideline is to never stay away and not update for more than two days in a row. If you share a nice mix of messages you can post a lot. Your followers will become blasé and bored if there is the same kind of chatter all the time. Mix it up to make it worth following. Excite and surprise your followers.

The Web is a friendly and busy place, for you as an artist and singing teacher it’s about being remembered for what you do and what you are good at. These reminders have to be sent out on a regular basis.

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Be there, and show that you care. Show your talent and be proud of it.

Thank you! Sofie


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