Q&A: Recognition on social media

Question: I’m so annoyed with all people in my online network who just want attention. I use to say that they should get a life. Am I right?

Answer: We have a lot of people around us, and on a daily basis we can easily meet a few hundred. Some of them will be different, strange and even bizarre.

It’s totally normal to want recognition for what you do and who you are, all humans need it. Some are a bit hungrier for it, but as long as it’s not driven in extremism I think you should just let it be.

I often hear that people who are narcissistic are awful and annoying people hard to stand. But we all have a bit of that inside us. As long it’s not an extreme case just accept that we are different.

If you are worried that someone you know have very low self-esteem and are posting strange posts on social media to ‘boost themselves’ you need to talk to him or her and say that you are appreciating the person as they are. All parents should definitely talk about self worth with they children, and the difference between being loved and accepted as you are and ‘likes’ on social media.

To show that we care for each other is something that never is wrong. A simple like or a positive encouraging comment on social media can make someone smile on the inside. Remember that.

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