Q&A: Personal online recommendation

Question: I’ve been looking at my colleagues’ LinkedIn profiles and it sounds as if they have accomplished so much. Some of them have recommendations from others that sound impressive, one of them has over 100 recommendations. Can I trust that the profiles and recommendations are true?

Answer: The answer to this is both yes and no.

I heard from a recruitment consultant that she doesn’t trust all online recommendation on a person’s professional profile online. She only trusts some of them. Many recommendations are too general to actually mean anything. A person can have ten recommendations that say that they are great and wonderful, but if they don’t give any examples then they aren’t worth much to her.

There will always be people who are pretending to someone they are not online. We need to develop our awareness about false and heavily boosted profiles online. Some people also have low confidence in how to describe themselves, and therefore they leave out most of their achievements. Others are exaggerating and sounds if they can save the world from all bad things.  It’s not easy to get it ‘right’.

The whole online recruitment process is broken and too focused on keywords. You should give more cred to people who are good at telling stories about their experiences and have a blog to share that in.

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