Q&A: Facebook has blocked my Facebook page, and 4.5 years work is gone

Dear Sofie,

I’m Paulina – Poli to friends. I run Babski Londyn, an organisation supporting Polish creative women in London.

Recently my Facebook page for Babski Londyn was deleted from Facebook without any explanation; 4.5 years of work and 2,500 followers disappeared. The growth was all organic and now all my hard work is gone.

This was our URL, www.facebook.com/babskilondyn now it’s nothing there.

At the same time Facebook also deleted my Facebook group. I got my group back after my members asked Facebook where it was, it’s here: www.facebook.com/groups/babskilondyngrupa.

I’ve filled in the forms in Facebook’s help centre to try to get my Facebook page back but nothing happens.

The content on my Facebook page was mostly about art and culture. Due to the political situation in Poland I’ve made a decision to be more committed to supporting women in Poland and fighting the horrible new abortion law.

Polish people find feminism very provocative, so we had a lot of haters. But we still should be able to have our forum on Facebook.

There was a BIG legal case in Poland, a group rape, and the victim waited four years to be heard. The six men were found guilty but none of them went to jail. I posted about this on my page and group. I was calling for the Polish Minister of Justice to take a stand. We also prepared a petition to change Polish law. The next day both my Facebook group and Facebook page disappeared.

I guess it was a topic that was upsetting people who don’t believe in human rights and they reported the page and group to Facebook.

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How do I get my Facebook page back? Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you, Poli


Dear Poli,

This is a very sad and upsetting story about how big social media platforms can affect our lives, businesses, and passion.

Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. To then block your page directly goes against their mission.

Conversation on Facebook should be open and allow diversity and Facebook wants this to be the case. Still there is no perfect answer to how this should be done, and we need to continue to ask how these big questions about social media should be approached.

On Facebook there are plenty of report forms you can use to submit your questions. One tip I got from a lawyer was to use several of the forms when reporting an issue. There may be a kind individual working on the other side that helps you out.


You can also read Facebook’s community standards here to undestand more: www.facebook.com/communitystandards

You say that your page was deleted and gone after you shared political content on it. It is possible that people who disagreed with your view did this and the Facebook automatic back-end system removed your page because of the large number of reports. It’s most likely not a person at Facebook who made this decision, but back-end-technology.

Unfortunately, it is hard to get in touch with a human being at Facebook.

One suggestion is to search for people who work at Facebook on social media and then email them. Their email address is name@fb.com. Email Hunter can help out as well emailhunter.co.

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I’ve emailed Mark Zuckerberg a while ago, and the email bounced back, you needed a fb.com email address to reach him.

If you need to get in touch with someone at Facebook you can also attend events that someone from Facebook is speaking at and ask them a question during the Q&A. It’s hard for them to ignore you if you ask the question out loud.

Report  missing page here:

Facebook Page guideline: