My Most Popular Blogs of 2015

Which of my blogs and articles grabbed your attention last year?

Here is the summary:


In January I wrote a lot of articles for my own blog, The Guardian and 

Social media, innovation and the digital dragon. The ‘digital confusion’ is something we all have in common and I think that many people liked the dragon metaphor I used. I was on my to China when I write the article, to teach a masterclass in digital strategy and digital leadership.


I shared six tips for event organisers about how to create diverse events in The Guardian Women in Leadership section. How to create a diverse event: tips for the World Economic Forum organisers 

On I wrote about creativity in organisations, I use to say that I can smell if a company is creative in a short ten-minute visit. Check out the articlehere.


One of the BIG topics at the moment is personal branding and its impact on us. I like this sentence: ‘Just because you don’t believe in having a personal brand doesn’t mean you don’t have one.’ Be Remembered; Get Promoted – Personal Branding Tips For Digital Marketers


I think it would be amazing if we could use the internet to improve democracy in the world. Here are some reflections I did earlier this year. Digital democracy? Yes please!

This post also got a lot of attention, it’s connecting with why you have to understand humans and personal branding better. Fans, loyalty, social media and the role of true engagement.


I wrote a piece about how social responsibility is connected with business success for A brand that’s not seen as taking responsibility for it’s own action and mistakes is not very popular: Why Businesses Should Focus More On Social Responsibility

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I was interviewed about the anonymous web and why it attacks us and I wrote this article after that.


In May I got familiar with Marie Kondo and her tips for tidying up. I used her method to sort out my books. For it was amazing, there are so many different books that I’ve read that I will never read again. My big spring book clean – with a touch of Japanese philosophy


I wrote about the smell of a brand in January, and in June I shared some thoughts about sound on The Sound of Your Brand


This article, Digital leadership, innovation and collaboration, was featured in Big ideas and innovation in LinkedIn Pulse and got over 7,500 views in a few days. I think it’s one of my top three articles on LinkedIn if you look at reach.

One of my friends who is a DJ and songwriter told be she writes songs so she would be remembered when she is gone. That made me write this blog post:Having an impact, being daring and self-leadership


In August I was accepted to blog for Huffington Post and I’ve built up a nice collection of posts there.

My first post was a poem: A Poem About the ‘All-Male Panels Tumblr’

I got inspired from a Swedish author to write about modern sins: ‘The 7 Modern Deadly Sins of Digital Leadership’.


This post got shared all over the web and on Twitter. Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of Huffington Post tweeted the article and then lots of more people shared it. Thank you Arianna! What Is the Connection Between Leadership and Digital Stress?

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In October I had to kill the myth about the 6-hour workweek in Sweden, it’s not true at all… It’s a Myth: The Swedish Six-Hour Workday

I also wrote an article about the Death Cafe for the Guardian: ‘I’d never been able to talk to Mum about mortality. A death cafe changed that‘. It was shared a lot and there were some people who contacted me! Thank you for your feedback, me like a lot.


I started a social media question and answer on my website in 2015 and some of them have got a lot of attention.

Social Media Q&A: Starting Out And Planning The Digital Strategy For a Small Business


I get a lot of questions about how to handle your life online and in December two people asked me about if it’s ok to remove friends on Facebook, here is my answer. Q&A: I regret removing friends from Facebook during a random Facebook cleanse

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