Photos and the story of your life

Photos show our life story. Do you agree? I’ve been curating and sharing photos from my life for years; at the moment my public pictures are on Instagram and Twitter. I am fascinated by how Instagram has developed to become a sort of blog of people’s lives.

Some of the people I follow always share their thoughts and what they are up to in a way that is similar to a blog. This makes me feel very inspired.

I think how we share our lives online affects our personalities in many ways. We choose to share part of our lives online and the pictures we post tell a story about who we are. It’s like a live biography. Interesting. I will elaborate more on this in a blog post soon.

I am obsessed with backing up my photos. Right now my iPhone automatically backs things up to Dropbox when I use a wi-fi network. I have two 1TB hard drives that I back up my computer to once a month. I really should leave one of them at my friend’s house in case there is ever a fire in mine. And all my work files are saved to Dropbox as well.

I have had some bad experiences with hard drives stopping working in the past. I have heard that they are made to last for 5-7 years, so keep that in mind and also connect them to your computer on a regular basis; if you just leave them in a corner the moving parts inside them might deteriorate quicker.

Keep your photos safe, back them up, develop them (on paper) and don’t rely on technology. I have part of a book I’ve written on an old computer and it’ll probably stay there. Good that I have a good memory

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