Online copywriting checklist

So you are selling something, maybe a product, service or event? There are a few rules that will make people read your copy, and if they like what they read they will buy from you.

Main point

Make the main point the main point. Include the most exciting benefits in the first five sentences. Then your readers are more likely to read the rest of your message.

Make it scannable

Break up the content. Short paragraphs are easier to scan and you are always striving for making your content scannable.


Put in a lot of efforts into getting the headline right. When your customers sees a compelling and inspiring headline they will read the rest.

Readability test

Do a readability test. This is one of the best kept secrets for great copywriting. I often check that my copy is following the best practise for plain English. Here is an online version: and you can also check this in word.

So this text has less than 11 words per sentence, awesome. You should try to have under 16 words per sentence when writing online. A person with 6 years educations will understand it. Flesch Reading Ease is over 60, which indicates that it is written in plain English.

Readability test online


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