No, I am not a leader, I just enable others to do stuff

A while ago I was at a social event and started to talk to a friend about leadership and what it is. It was quite late and we discussed what happened when she started to helm the boat where she works. Then she says: “But, I am not a leader…, I am just the catalyst helping other people to perform better, I don’t actually do anything”

Hm, a great leader is sitting next to me saying that the effect she has on people is not leadership and that she is not a leader. We continued our discussion for a while, and one point I made about what a leader does was:

“A leader is someone who is strengthening others and making the people they meet believe in themselves”.

Sometimes when things are getting very complicated and messy a bit of hope is what will save us from sinking the boat. So, being the catalyst releasing the potential in others is a pretty crucial ability.

I hope my friend gets used to put the description ‘leader’ in front of her name, because that is what she is. It might take a while for her to dare to say it, but I am sure when she looks back in a few years time she will call what she did leadership.

Sunny greetings to all of you!

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