My top blog posts of 2013 – check them out

Hi, I was checking my analytics and here’s a round-up of some of the most popular posts written by me this year. The numbers are going in the right direction, I as a past e-commerce manager loves to see more visitors to my website, I am pretty sure that all business wants to see that.

If I compare 1 September-22 December 2012 with 1 September-22 December 2013 there are some positive changes!

120% more page views 🙂

89.97% more unique page views 🙂

-10.46% less bounce rate 🙂

I will continue to write more next year. A new book about Digital Leadership in Action is in progress! Check out my blog and stay connected. Best wishes, Sofie

1) The future of digital media? You had better look back five years

2) Sofie Sandell’s talk at TEDxWomen 6th December

3) Learn to say “yes” to ideas in the digital world

4) Book launch party for ‘Digital Leadership – Q&A transcribed

5) What are your favourite buzzwords that you love to hate?

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