Innovation and Creativity

Yesterday I went to a creativity workshop in London. I was totally high of creativity when I left, it was fun and very insightful.

All organizations need to be innovative today and creativity is relatively cheap to invest in compare to IT, buildings and other assets.

Doing the same thing year after year will not satisfy your customers. When growing, you need to be creative in developing solutions for your client. Creativity is a real business advantage and your clients notice this when working with you.

So how to do it…
Well, no-one said it was easy to be creative. We all go to school for many years and are taught not to be creative, then we enter the real world and it can be hard to get your brain to work in a creative way.

We are brought up in a society where we often rewarded for being critical and finding problems, or predicting the outcomes if you do this or that. This behavior is one of the biggest issues in organisations today.

The most innovative companies in the world have created an environment where they can nurture an idea and make it grow into something bigger.

It takes some consciousness work to get this going and people who are predicting the disaster or telling everybody that their ideas are bad needs to be re-programmed.

The good thing about creativity is that this is a behavior/habit that can be learned.

Joe Howard and Tony Friede at Enos Consulting shared some tips with us yesterday:

Use: “And, yes…” instead of “Yes, but…”
Be nice to new ideas and be positive, “handle with care warning”
Keep on telling your colleagues positive reinforcements about their ideas, the more you say yes, the more likely you are to push people in the right direction
When being a “nice guy” you’ll be like a light bulb, attracting all flies. People will feel they are drawn to you and they want to share their ideas. It is a big honor to be in this position! And you are creating a lot of power around you.
Never say: “Thank you for your hard work”, it’s sending out the wrong signals.
You can get the most amazing idea from the worst ideas, dare to think about how you can develop the worst ideas and the incredible ideas will follow.
Positive thinking takes courage. Negative thinking takes nothing.

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Cheers Sofie