Improvise or become institutionalised

I recently read in a blog in Harvard Business Review that creativity is the most important skill to have to navigate a more complex world.
So is this a problem? Aren’t organisations around the world creative? Yes, some rare organisations are, but when an organisation stops being creative they are risking being a stuffy place where everything takes forever. Your organisation has become old and are not willing to learn anything new. New fresh ideas are not seen as a valuble asset and the organisation is not listening to their employees nor their customers. They have become institutionalised.When I am talking about creativity one big part is how you are handling new ideas, and how your and your team, organisation and the whole ecosystem are working together. I have heard many times things as “We have tried that before and it didn’t work” what that really means is that the people who did it then could not do it.
Do you think in the same pattern? Are you just slightly improving what you have? Well, to be great and stick out today you need to do things differently. And doing things differently means that you have to open up the creative resourses you have within you and your organisation.
Killing ideas 
I believe that many people and organisations are killing the great ideas on an early stage, but there are tools to get around this (which is one thing I teach at my Creativity Workshops) At an early stage it is difficult to recognise a great idea, they have a tendency to hide among the bad and mediocre ideas.
You are responsible 
You have your personal creativity, your teams creativity, organisational creativity and the creativity in the ecosystem where you belong.You are personally responsible to feed your creativity, and it can help to review what’s helps you to get into a better flow. In your team, how are you handling new ideas? In a nice way or are you rude to the ideas? Can your organisation welcome creative thinking? Or are you stuck in old patterns? Is the ecosystem you are working in holding you back and you feel like it’s impossible to innovate and bring new creative solutions to the table?
Dare to say yes
You need to say yes and welcome the new ideas from the start. It means that you have to dare to improvise. Treat the ideas with respect, then they will transform into the most beautiful creature you can imagine. There are some good processes that you can use to get this flow working better.
The organisational life-cycle 
You can compare an organisation with the life of a human. When a start-up is born they are curious and hungry. They then become teenagers and are slightly more resistant to change. Later the organisation is turned into an adult and know what they like, and are less likely to change, in the end the organisation is old and know what they like for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are not likely to listen to new ideas and the whole organisation is at risk being left behind.
You must prevent being a person or organisation who’s saying no to new ideas. If you don’t watch out you will find yourself being an old institution who is not responsive to anything new.
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