How to become a Digital Leader with JCI London

Digital leaders are using social media and technology to share their messages and interact with people. That was the core message I was sharing yesterday with the JCI London members and guests. We had a great evening and one thing we had in common was that we didn’t mind missing out on the World Cup football game. England lost so not much we could have done anyway…

Here are some things that leaders do:

  • They do things first – they are often trendsetters
  • They share their thoughts and ideas with others
  • They listen to peers, friends, customers and colleagues
  • They are constantly learning and focus on developing themselves
  • They know how innovation works.

Digital leaders have stories to share and they dare to share them online.  How many stories do you have inside you? Are you persistent enough to write every week?

Connection and empathy with others is everything. Without that you can’t inspire anyone. All leaders that we love to follow have worked on this a lot.

To lead and share opinions is sometimes painful.

Use your friends as sounding boards. Then write down your thoughts and make what you write easy to understand.

Thank you for a great evening JCI London!


Digital leader event with Sofie Sandell and JCI London

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