How to be an Inspirational Leader in a Digital World – Google Hangout on Air

We had a good chat on our Hangout on Air today! Thank you Peter Milligan for your thoughts and Filipe Carrera for moderating.

Some thoughts about what we said:
– When communicating online do with a purpose in mind
– Never try to solve problems over email – if you can, meet and speak to the person or use the phone
– Leaders build trust before they communicate
– When trust is gone, not even the best and most sophisticated communication method will help you to gain trust again. It will take time to gain trust again.
– Swedish battery inventor I mentioned Christina Lampe-Önnerud, she is amazing. In her business they never allowed anyone to email about issues that easily could be interpreted in different ways. Check out her talk here:
– When we know a person and their communication style we are more likely to forgive them if they make a mistake in their communication
– Go back to the basics and keep you message simple
– Limit the amount of emails you send and write better subject lines

Here is the Hangout:


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