How often shall we have a digital sabbatical? Arianna Huffington sharing her thoughts in London

On Friday this week I was lucky to listen to Arianna Huffington at BAFTA in London. BAFTA is one of my favourite venues, I’ve had many creative meetings there.

Arianna Huffington is sharing her messages from her book Thrive (I’ve not read it yet) and it’s about how to find balance in life. Many people act as if it’s cool and high status to be too busy and never sleep. Of course this leads to all kind of burn outs, and burned out people will not become great at anything.

Arianna shared a story about a man that she had dinner with who proudly told her that he only slept four hours last night. She thought for herself that the conversations they had would have been more interesting if he had slept a few more hours. The thing that happens when you are super tired is that you become a bit boring, and you are not that open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.

One aspect of digital life is that we need to rest and have a break from our digital devices. How do you manage this? Do you have days when you disconnect? One thing that made me smile was when Arianna said ‘God took a day off, do you?’ Yes, I do quite often. I often take two days off to recharge my batteries. I am not disconnecting totally, but I am not creating anything new, my creative muscles in my brain goes on holiday.

To write a new keynote speech and perform it on stage can be pretty tiring, and sometimes, if you are unlucky, you have someone in the audience who sucks your energy out of you. Maybe this just happens to me, but I’ve had a few people I’ve spoken in front of who made me totally exhausted…   Why is a bit of a mystery… one man I particularly remember hurt me deeply and told me that he understood all Swedish people’s accent, but not mine. Great to hear when you a speaker… A wise friend told me that it was probably the message I shared that he didn’t get. I was exhausted for a few days and avoided starting any new creative projects. I have communicated with and spoken in front of thousands of people, so I know that most of them get what I am saying. Maybe he was a  bully? I don’t know. I don’t regard him highly.

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Bad email management

Businesses that expects people to be on their emails late in the evening are not helping their business to create engaged employees. When I meet and speak to businesses email management seem to be a huge problem. I wrote an article about it a while ago, check it out here.

It’s mostly about how we are using the digital tools that defines how efficient they are. You can use Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp to deepen your relationships. If you would send a message to 20 people who have been important for you in your life telling them so on a regular basis I can promise you that the digital tools will work for you.

I often ask myself big questions such as: Why are we here? What’s the purpose of life? Why am I important? And I get different answers quite often. We are all going to die one day, and the way we connect and collaborate will play big part of how satisfied we feel and are.

One of my future book ideas are ‘Social Media and Spirituality. I don’t think that the connections that we are making online are random and without purpose. I believe that many of the connections we make online have a higher purpose, then it’s up to us to learn and explore them. If we feel stressed out and not grounded in ourselves we are most likely not going to make the most of them.

Here are some of the pictures from the Arianna Huffington talk at BAFTA in London. 

Arianna Huffington at BAFTA in London

Arianna Huffington at BAFTA in London - I have a singed book! Arianna Huffington at BAFTA in London - we all have her book, yay! Arianna Huffington at BAFTA in London - Nicci Roscoe and Sofie Sandell