Hi from Shanghai

I’ve arrived safely in Shanghai and I’m now going to explore the city and what it has to offer.

It’s hot and humid here, almost so got that you just want to stay inside.

I had dinner by the river yesterday and had a magnificent view of The Bund, the area I was in.

No sight of my luggage so far, so I have to go out for some shopping today.

On Wednesday and Thursday I am speaking at a Digital Marketing conference here in Shanghai. It will be great.

The shopping story:

I was flying to Shanghai to speak at a big marketing conference. My luggage didn‘t fly on the same plane as me. I had to go out shopping in Shanghai. There seemed to only be luxury boutiques in all malls, which is not my thing. I was crying in a shop and said I just needed a Zara or an HM to find something to wear. Jetlagged, sad and tired I found a ‘normal shopping centre’ and got myself a dress which still is one of my favourites. If you are not extra extra small you find if hard to find anything in China. I’m a European medium, 38-40, and there was a limited choice. 

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