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I know that many of you love Twitter. Would you mind tweeting about my book and brand ‘Digital Leadership’?

I would really appreciate your help, and next time we meet I will buy you a coffee. Great deal ūüôā

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‚ÄėTo get a digital strategy to work you need involvement on all levels in an organisation.‚Äô – @Soffi_Propp Read:¬†[Tweet this]

‘Bad ideas can lead to the most beautiful creative ideas.’ From the book @DigiLeadership Get a free sample:¬†[Tweet this]

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If you are positive to the people you meet and their ideas you are a blessing to not just them, but the world! Read: [Tweet this]

You can also download a sample of the book, and please share it with your friends who are interested in leadership, creativity and social media impact.

If you missed the book launch you can listen to the Q&A here. I am sharing a quirky fact about myself and why I wrote the book.