Food as medicine – does it work?

Hi everyone,

For years, I’ve been experimenting eating different foods and sometimes supplements as well to see if I felt different, better and stronger. Why? Because I need to look after my energy and make sure I can stay focused on writing, speaking, thinking and being creative.

One way to make sure that you get enough of nutrients, vitamins and minerals are to eat lots of different foods. The theory behind this is ‘the more variety the better.’

If you on an average day eat more than 20 different foods you are within the safe span of getting enough of what you need, and under 10, you probably need to see if you can add more variety.

We need to eat food with colour. I use to think that I should eat vegetables that are green, yellow, orange and red every week, and it’s a good reminder to eat a bit of everything.

The guidelines in Sweden say that we should eat 500 grams of vegetables and fruits every day, in Australia, they say 5 vegetables and 2 fruits, in the UK the food mantra is 5 per day.

The rest of the world have similar ideas how to eat well I think. I heard in a video by an Australian nutritionist that only 1 of 10 Aussies eats that recommended amount. It’s probably similar in other countries.

Variety and new experiences are great for you, get a new weird vegetable you never heard of next time you shop!

Here is the list of foods I ate yesterday:

  1. egg
  2. mayonnaise
  3. butter
  4. caviar
  5. tomatoes
  6. almonds
  7. coffee
  8. coconut milk for my coffee
  9. pork
  10. cheese
  11. green pepper
  12. ketchup
  13. parsley
  14. beef
  15. broccoli
  16. sweet potatoes
  17. green beans
  18. soya milk
  19. onions
  20. raspberry
  21. strawberry
  22. blueberry
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On a normal day, I would not eat any berries. So then I would have been just under 20.

Fruite And Vegintables For Sail At A Market

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